Follett Education Corporation

Follett Educational Corporation (FEC) is a non-profit organization committed to helping Follett graduates who will make a difference in the world. All donations made to the FEC are tax-deductible. Contributions to the FEC can be made in memory of a friend or loved one. Nearly $125,000 in scholarships have already been awarded to over 125 Follett graduates. 

FEC scholarships are for current Follett seniors and former FHS graduates currently attending a college, university or trade school. FEC scholarship applications are available now!



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The Donald Buchner Social Studies Scholarship:
The Donald Buchner award is a tribute to the former FISD graduate, who after graduating from Texas A&M, a military stint in Korea, then graduating from Texas University Law School, returned to his home town to make a difference from a small town level. Quietly supporting the scholarship program by filing all the paperwork for the incorporation of the FEC, Mr. Buchner looked into the future of our graduates by encouraging them with an incentive program. At his death, his family requested donations to the FEC program, in lieu of flowers. The response was heartwarming.

June Deeds On-going Educational Scholarship:
June Cotney Deeds was a long-time employee of the Follett National Bank. She worked her way from being a bank teller to the vice-president position. But friends report that her success at the bank could not be measured in just job promotions, but also in the number of people she helped through the years. Mrs. Deeds often worked overtime so that she would have time during the day for people's special needs, such as helping balance a customer's checkbook, paying for an elderly woman's electric bill, or digging into the files to recover financial data a customer had lost in a fire.

Gex Family Education Encouragement Scholarship:
Loretta Gex Potts was a dedicated school teacher for 30 years. Through the FEC Scholarship program, her love of education lives on. Ms. Potts believed that every child should have the opportunity to expand their minds and their knowledge because the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Ms. Potts' family was often the recipient of her zest for education, as she loved to give books to them as gifts.

Traci Ann Reynolds Math/Science Award:
Traci Ann Reynolds, daughter of Jerry and Beth Reynolds of Darrouzett, was an outstanding young woman of many talents and abilities who touched the lives of so many people to bring out the good in them. Traci, a 1986 graduate of Tulia High School, graduated salutatorian of her class. She went on to Wayland Baptist University and Texas Tech University to receive two degrees. As a participant in a duo-degree program, Traci graduated "cum laude" from Tech in December 1992, and graduated "magna cum laude" with a degree in mathematics from Wayland Baptist University in May 1993. While attending Texas Tech, Traci served as a process engineer intern for two summers at Conoco Oil and Gas Company in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Upon graduation from Texas Tech in December 1992, Traci was employed as a process engineer for Hoechst Celanese Corporation in Pampa, Texas, until November 1993, when she was killed at the age of 25 by a drunk driver. The summer before she was killed, Traci was part of a team who went to Minsk, Belarus distributing Bibles and medical supplies and sharing Christ with the people of Belarus, a newly independent nation of the former Soviet Union. Traci set high goals for herself and met them, but her highest aim was "to be a window into God's love for others."

Ralph Garis Music Scholarship:
Ralph McKaig Garis, son of James and the late Ellen Garis of Darrouzett, was a young man of many talents and abilities. He completed the first ten years of his education (K-9) at Darrouzett and then transferred to Follett High School his sophomore year. His dedication to the goals he set for his life was an inspiration to teachers as well as students and friends. Ralph was a self-taught musician and spent hours every day perfecting his musical talent. Music was his life and his goals were centered around music, but he realized the importance of a well-rounded education. Ralph strived to learn and succeed in all his studies. He shared his talent and humor by participating in school musicals and the Darrouzett Deutsches Fest Melodrama. Ralph died on February 5, 1994, at the age of 17 and did not get to reach his goal of attending Berkley College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. There, he planned to complete the education he would need to fulfill his dream of a career in music. Through this scholarship, Ralph's dreams and dedication can live on in another young person's life as they strive to fulfill their own dreams and goals.

Glenard Elmore Athletic Scholarship:
Established in memory of a fine athlete, coach and his coaching career. Glenard Elmore graduated from Follett High School where he loved all sports. He quarterbacked the Panhandle State Aggies where he earned his degree. He went on to coach in Texhoma, Boise City and Follett. He instilled a love of sports in his four children and his eight grandchildren. In coaching and in life, Glenard Elomore preferred athletes with a lot of "heart and desire." He knew an athlete with talent only would not be as successful as one who "loved the game" whether it was football, basketball, track or baseball. His personal "love of the game" lives on through his great-grandchildren, his former students and through recipients of his scholarship.

Colonel Ora Sperry Educational Scholarship:
Ora and Ocel Sperry lived together 60 years on their farm northeast of Follett. He devoted 52 years to his profession as an auctioneer, selling livestock and farm sales throughout the area. He learned his "trade" from his Dad, who many say was one of the best auctioneers who ever lived. Ora said that a good auctioneer had to have four things; good judgement of value, a clear voice, endurance and rhythm. He set his goals high, followed through, and proved to be one of the best. He invested 18 years, two terms on the Follett Independent School Board, and on several county boards. He was active in the Follett United Methodist Church. His hobby was raising and training horses, from Shetlands to registered Quarter Horses.

Dr. Robert C. & Billie Tout Medical/Science Scholarship:
Billie Maxine McLarty was born and raised in Follett and when Robert C. Tout moved there during his high school years, they became high school sweethearts. While in high school Bob drove the school bus since most of the drivers had gone to World War II. After high school Bob went into the Navy and upon returning home after World War II, enrolled in college to become a physician like three generations before him. Bob and Billie were married while in college. Dr. Tout had a private practice of medicine in Hutchinson, KS., before entering university health services at Stillwater, OK and Manhattan, KS. Dr. and Mrs. Tout had two children, Shane and David. Billie died of cancer in 1987 and Dr. Tout retired in 1989. Even though Follett was a small school, Bob and Billie felt fortunate to have such excellent teachers. The whole community has always been very supportive of them throughout the years. This award is one way of giving back for the many opportunities given them while they were Follett residents.

Winton and Billie Jett "I Can" Award:
The children of Winton and Billie Jett have created the “I CAN AWARD” in memory of their parents who possessed unique positive outlooks and attitudes. Winton was injured in a farm accident as a teenager and was left with a crushed skull, one eye and one hand. He never let it be a deterrent. He went to state in tennis his junior and senior years of high school, pitched for the baseball team, and many town teams for years after graduation from Follett High School. He married Billie Gardner (who was a one-room school teacher at the time) in 1951, and together they farmed, ranched and raised their three children: Stanley, who is now a doctor in Lincoln, AL; W.D., a dentist in Seminole, OK; and Cathy Arnall, the Postmaster in Follett. Winton was a successful carpenter and was known for being able to drive a nail with one arm quicker than any two-armed man. Billie continued her teaching career in the Follett system. She encouraged her students and peers with her smiles, laughter and sense of humor. It was always said that if you saw her quit smiling . . . watch out! She loved teaching – and it showed. She spent many hours after school helping students who needed extra help, or those who wanted to excel in UIL academic events or the Amarillo Globe News Spelling Bee. She kept her positive attitude and smile even while battling cancer for almost four years. They loved their grandchildren with a passion, and spent many hours supporting them in all of their activities and instilling in them the “I Can” Spirit. She and Winton portrayed one of their favorite scriptures from the Bible: “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Phil 4:13..

The Class of 1957 Scholarship:
The Class of 1957 started out in 1945 as a happy class of 22 girls and 6 boys. Over the years, we gained and lost members. We entered the eighth grade in 1953 with 8 boys and 13 girls. At graduation our class boasted 8 boys and 9 girls. We were a class of close fellowship in high school, and we have retained that close association during our post-graduate years. Attendance at reunions over the years has been high due to our affection for one another. We could brag and say that our class has had the highest percentage of graduates at all-class reunions in our remembrance. Our 50th reunion held May 2007 (the best one EVER), was attended by all but 4 girls. We honored the memory of 3 classmates: Sherry Travis Tobin, Gary Legg Frazier, and Myra Jones at that reunion. In addition to our class of 8 boys and 9 girls, we also claim Loretta Babb Haney, Geraldine Neihart Basden, and Una Wilson Babitzke as classmates although they were not living at Follett at the time of graduation. The Class of '57 Scholarship is given in the names of our graduating class: Robert Albin, Barry Frazier, Willis Blau, Robert Imke, Reggie Laubhan, Vester Hargrove, Wayne Paul, Barbara Haines Foster, Yvonne Harris Blau, Shirley Kliewer Plain, Wyvona Reger Hicks, Helen Schilling Bartunek, Jellean Yauck Daily, Anita Sperry Savage, and Vivian Roots Marvel. Also it is given in the name of our sponsor for all four years of high school, Maurice Eherlich. Long live FHS!

Glen & Lillian Frazier Scholarship:
Glen Frazier lived most of his life in Follett. A large portion of that time was devoted to farming and selling implements and equipment at the Frazier Hardware Store that he owned and operated, following in his father's footsteps. He learned farming and the family business from his dad, Tab Frazier. In 1953 he moved to Wichita, Kansas to work for Boeing Aircraft as an engineer. During Glen's tenure at Boeing, he met a charming lady named Lillian and by November 12, 1960, they were married at Follett Apostolic Church. During their marriage, Glen and Lillian lived in various places: Derby, Kansas, Grand Lake of the Cherokee's, and Winfield, Kansas. Then they moved back to Follett, where they lived the next 17 years. Glen died in 2000, ending a marriage that thrived for 39 years. Lillian moved back to Derby, Kansas the following year. Through this scholarship, Glen and Lillian's dreams and dedication can live on in another young person's life as they strive to fulfill their dreams and goals. 

Dr. R.A.and Orpha Ivie Memorial Scholarship:

Dr. R.A. “Doc” and Orpha Ivie were staunch believers in the value of a good education.  They instilled this value and belief in their four daughters, who created this memorial scholarship to honor their parents.  Doc Ivie came to Follett in 1945, right after he had graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at  Texas A&M University.  The Follett Chamber of Commerce recruited him to bring his expertise to Follett, where he lived and practiced veterinary medicine for almost 50 years.   Upon arriving in Follett, he met Orpha Fleming, a 1941 graduate of Follett High School, and they were married soon afterward.   They made their home in Follett until their death (Orpha in 2008 and Doc in 2012).  Both Doc and Orpha were active members and leaders in the United Methodist Church;  Orpha served many years in the United Methodist Women.  Doc was a member of the Follett Masonic Lodge, and Orpha was active in the Eastern Star for many years.  Orpha also owned and operated Follett’s City Drug Store.

Merlin and Vivian Laubhan Scholarship:
Merlin and Vivian Laubhan were born and raised in Follett, and made it their home for a lifetime.  Born in 1916, Merlin married his childhood sweetheart, Vivian Meyer, in 1936.  Both Follett High School graduates, Merlin and Vivian were champions for their home town and did much to help it grow, prosper and thrive.  Merlin served as mayor of Follett and was a past master of the Follett Masonic Lodge.  He was also president of the Follett Chamber of Commerce,  and he and Vivian owned and operated Laubhan Motor Company car dealership for over 35 years.  He and Vivian also maintained a farm/ranch operation.  Merlin died in 2013, and Vivian in 2006.  They had one son, Reggie Laubhan, a FHS graduate.  He and his wife Glenda (Elmore), who  make their home in Arizona, set up the Merlin & Vivian Laubhan Memorial Scholarship because they wanted to keep the Laubhan family and Follett community legacy alive and thriving!

Lizzie E Pinkard Scholarship:
Our families were blessed to have Lizzie E. Pinkard, as a supportive and loving influence in our lives. With a minimum amount of schooling, education was a "top priority" to her regarding the future.  A strong work ethic, knowledge, and faith in God was instrumental in allowing her success in business, farming and ranching.  As a result of these achievements and in her memory, her families choose to "Pay it Forward" with the endowment scholastic scholarships.

Lois Elaine Scheer Laubhan Memorial Scholarship:
Lois Scheer Laubhan, was a strong advocate for the pursuit of academic excellence. Lois immediately embarked on furthering her own academic pursuits upon graduating from Follett High School in 1960, by attending West Texas State College, and even occasionally riding the train back and forth to her home in Follett. Lois was confident in herself and felt strongly that by adding to her own education and knowledge she could then influence and contribute to future aspiring students as a teacher. Lois accomplished these goals by first earning her Bachelor of Arts degree from West Texas State College in 1963, and immediately beginning her teaching career in Friona, TX. Lois earned her Master of Education degree in 1967 while simultaneously teaching full time. She continued teaching English and German in the Hereford and Canadian school districts, retiring from the Canadian ISD with 37 years of service doing what she loved, teaching high school students. Lois was a life member of The Texas State Teachers Association, Sigma Tau Delta Professional English Honor Society, and Mu Phi Epsilon. Lois’ family believes strongly that her passion for education and accomplishment through dedication and hard work has also contributed to their own success as well, and through this scholarship they would like to provide support and inspiration in Lois’ memory to future academic leaders.